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There are many ways to make money from internet but one of the best ways is Ptc (Paid to Click)  sites. Work at home and earn hundreds of dolloars monthly through these sites. Patience is the key to success in these sites. Because the earning in starting is very low and many users seeing this change their mind. For the huge money you need referrals by whom you get commision. Referrals are of two types direct and rental. Direct are those who sign up through your referral links and rental are those for them you have to pay for renting. You can receive their earnings in Paypal,Payza or in Liberty Reserve. It is free to make account in these payment processors.Beware from scam ptcs there are tons of scam ptcs which does not pay on requesting payout.

Now I am going to tell you the top trusted PTC site paying from since 2008. It is Neobux. In Neobux you can earn money by visiting ads and by renting referrals. Renting referrrals is the main thing in Neobux for earning because by visiting ads one can earn only 0.02$ in a day which is not enough. So the best way to earn is by renting referrals. You can rent referrals through your main balance or through Paypal or Payza account. The recommended way is the investing money through Paypal or Payza. In this way you can rent referrals quickly. And if you want to rent referrals through main balance then you have to wait upto 30 days for the first rental referrals pack.The different packs available are

3 referrals for 0.6$

5 referrals for 1$

10 referrals for 2$


100 referrals for 20$

After renting referrals you have to check after 3 to 4 days that your referrals are active or not.That they are clicking adds or not. If they are not active you can refresh them only for 0.07$.

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